visualeyesed asked:
Cool blog! What discipline of longboarding do you do [cruise/walk/dance, freeride, dh]?

Cruising! I’ve got a 40” pintail, it’s not really built for a bunch of tricks, but I’ve tried to kinda walk around on the board a bit when I ride. I did downhill stuff with a couple of friends on some street at the back of our college campus for a while, but my board isn’t great for speed, I maxed out at about 20mph and my friends were waaay faster. 

What about you? Good question, by the way!

Anonymous asked:
I don't wear a helmet when I longboard lol. never needed to.


i-the-better-me-deactivated2014 asked:
How would you start learning how to longboard?

First step is to get on a board! Make sure you know which foot is going to be in front. Stand up on a stair and have someone push you, or allow yourself to fall- whichever foot you catch yourself with will be the foot that stays on the board while the other one pushes. From there the important things are making sure you are wearing the proper gear (closed toe shoes, helmet, pads, etc.), finding a flat area like a parking lot (be smart about it though, don’t have the cops called on you for being somewhere you shouldn’t be!), and learning to stand on your board, push yourself forward, and stop. Those are the basic basics! If you meant further than that then please let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction!









One of the most successful downhill skateboarding posts on tumblr.

What the fuck? How did a picture of some guy doing a coleman slide and playing what looks to be a sax get 63,000 something notes?

Omf this is too great

I’m actually really curious what his setup is

Probably running some 180mm precision swags with 70mm swags with double barrel swags and some swags on his swag

… I remember reblogging this when it had 39 notes how did this happen…

Holy shit its back

The post that made the tumblr longboarding community go crazy

but what

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Longboarding 1 by D-W-J-S on Flickr.

Longboarding by mikaelajoy on Flickr.